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January 19, 2008
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How to draw anime girl by Tukuma How to draw anime girl by Tukuma
hello here is the guide to the colored lines of this page of the tut

1) " in purple" step one draw the lines that indicate where the eyes will be try to imageine the rails on a railroad track make sure to curve them in the direction the head tilting in as well.

2) " in red " and after you have the eye lines try drawing the out line of the face there are at least 3 main lines of the face unless you are drawing a full front veiw cause then there would be 4 in my case im drawing a slight turn that will show an ear but thats in another step
for the first line go up alittle past one of the eye guidelines and try puting a little curve in to that line as you slide your pencil down but dont curve it to much dont want her to have her cheek sticking out to much and when youfinish that line try connecting anohter line to that one but slant it down to a point then from that point draw another slanted line. basicaly its like drawing the same thing on the other side thats what i think of but some times the sides are diffrent depending on the pose

3) " in blue " the neck and ear. first draw the ear the ear should be able to be as big as the eye guide line like connect the dots only you can connect the lines but look at your own ears shape to full understand the shape of the ear i think of it as an egg shape since its big at the top and smaller at the bottom. the neck this is where most people have some difficulty dont draw the neck to big or to small the lines for the neck should be spaced evenly on the head so that it looks natural in a way maybe if it helps try drawing three little lines like i did on my picture it may help draw an even neck

4) the upper body is the part that should flow in to place after you have the neck start off by drawing the shoulder lines from the neck lines the yellow lines on the shoulders are at least how big they should be you dont want them to look like football players so when drawing females think of how skinny, musculer,athletic you want them and for the person who asked me this a female ninja may havev some upper body muscle only alittle though cuase you still want them to look girlyso makethe shoulders alittle long but not much the lines are curved slightly and when you reach the end points of the shoulders you can start drawing the arms i usually draw tubes for the seperate sections in the arms hold out your arm to see what im talking about and once you see the connection of the two arms wich is idicated by the yellow circles ive drawn you can draw another tube but draw the muscle lumps in the arms that every one has but on a girl make them alittle small and dainty and as you do that you should be able ot make the hands shape but dont draw the hands yet

5) the yellow lines on the bust. to draw a girls breast you have to fined the points in between the neck and shoulder and draw downward curveing out and then back in do the same fore hte other side and once you have the breast done draw teh abdomen which is an hour glass shape for a girl make sure you try not to make it small put some curvey ness in her but not to muchand once you get the hour glass done you can work on the hips

6) " in teal" the legs like your arms there are parts to your legs tubes. the tubes for the legs are thicker cause we have more muscle in our legs so when drawing them you may want to draw the crease in for where the private part should be then draw the like triangle for the inner part of the thighs then drawing the outer so you can manage the size of them

ps the detail such as hair,eyes and hands are on the next page
sorry if its alittle long and cofusing Dx
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Dear God...
Please bless me with the power to draw. ;-;
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Thanks so much! Tha body is hard for me to draw and now I kinda get it! Thank you
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you are so good! :D
i useuly just draw animals!
i suck at people :3
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